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Apothecary87 – Rather Alluring Beard Oil


  www.apothecary87.co.uk/shop/the-rather-alluring-beard-oil-small/ I reviewed the wax from Apothecary87 a couple of weeks back here but I received them at the same time.  As with the wax I can happily report that the oil is a joy to wear,  very well put together and easily does everything you expect a facial hair conditioner to do.  The bottle… Read More

Royoil Club – Enthral Beard Oil


   http://www.royoilclub.bigcartel.com/product/royoil-club-enthral-beard-oil-10ml I discovered this beard oil along with the moustache wax on instagram which seems to be a very fruitful platform for me of late, and fruitful is quite apt here thinking about it as this oil has a lovely citrus element which is what got me excited.  You might find it odd that… Read More

First Olympian Beard Oil – Jol

Beard oil

  This  beard oil along with many other wonderful products can be found here www.firstolympian.com/en/7-beard-oil For a considerable length of time I have been drooling over the sensational picture feed of the frankly wonderful husband and wife team at First Olympian, in fact I have borrowed their pictures for this post as my phone camera keeps… Read More

Captain Fawcett’s Private Stock Beard Oil

beard oil

  If you are like me you will often find yourself stroking your facial hair and should others see you they instantly believe you are contemplating life’s great dilemmas such as do penguins have knees, can plants smell and what is that sort of thumb thing dogs have half way up their legs for?  However… Read More

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