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Craftsman Soap Co. Moustache Wax

Craftsman Soap Moustache wax (1)

  Website:  The Moustache Wax is available here Price when purchased:  £4.50 Delivery feedback:  This wax came in a bundle of products very well packaged.  I have also had a great conversation with Evan, a very nice chap indeed with a great skills set as proved by the Shaving Soap and this wax. Container type/size:  1 oz screw… Read More

Count Justinian Moustache Wax


Website:   The Count Justinian moustache wax range can be found here CJMoustacheWax Price when purchased:    £5.35 Delivery feedback:    Count Justinian was and continues to be a great man to contact, very friendly and helpful with the delivery details and info on the products.  The tins arrived well packaged and pretty quickly considering overseas travel.… Read More

Apothecary 87 – Poweful Moustache Wax


  Website:       www.apothecary87.co.uk/ Price when purchased:    £8 plus postage Delivery feedback:   Great communication from Apothecary87 and the item arrived quickly. Container type/size:  15ml glass jar Aroma: Sandalwood and vanilla, might not sound like much but what a revelation this combination is.  Here we have a wonderfully well balanced aroma that is sweet… Read More

Brazil Moustache Wax


Website:     Visit the store to by the Brazil Moustache Wax www.brazils.se/en Price when purchased:    8.00 plus postage Delivery feedback:        Nice communications and very quick delivery Container type/size:   24ml Push fit tin Aroma: The scent here is not overly strong with just a hint of lemon oil.  What you get is  a… Read More

Stache Bomb – Stache Wax


  Website:    www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Stachebomb Price when purchased:   £5 plus postage Delivery feedback:     Quick delivery and good communication Container size:    1 oz push fit tin Aroma: The scent for this wax is perfect for this time of the year, we have a  beautiful pine scent that is delicate enough to have you believe there is a… Read More

Mo-stache Moustache Wax


Website:       mo-stache.com/ Price when purchased:       £5.50 plus postage Delivery feedback:  Very well packaged and quick for overseas Container type/size:  1.15oz screw top tin      Aroma: The two tins I got from Mo-Stache.com were both very good smells, they certainly earn the smell my face tag… Original scent –  This a… Read More

Littlebits 1903 Moustache Wax Pomade


Website:  Visit the Etsy Store here Price when purchased:  £6.50 plus postage Delivery feedback:  Good communications and well packaged, delivery was prompt for overseas Container type/size:  1 oz screw cap tin Aroma:   I absolutely love the scent of this product, first of all you get the strong scent of clove and sage but then… Read More

Man’s Face Stuff – Gin and Tonic Moustache Wax

MFS G&T (2)

  Website:   A rather good selection of products can be found here Price when purchased:    £5.75 plus postage Delivery feedback:    Very good communications and well packaged, Overseas delivery was swift Container type/size:  0.6 oz push fit tin Aroma: I was very excited to try this wax purely because of the scent, I found it… Read More

Boston Beard Works Stache Stick

stache stick (5)

Website:  The Etsy store can be found here Price when purchased:  £5.96 for 3 sticks Delivery feedback:  Very prompt delivery and great communications, a pleasure to deal with Container type/size:  Pocket friendly Tache Twister stick, think lipsalve! Aroma: I only have the cinnamon scent as it was kindly offered for free, the other scents of pi-stache-io… Read More

Branwen’s Botanicals Moustache Wax

Branwens wax (4)

  Website:  Visit the Etsy here Price when purchased:  £2.50 Delivery feedback:  The delivery was very fast considering it was overseas,   Branwen was lovely to chat to and kept me up to date with the delivery. Container type/size:  0.25 oz plastic screw top jar, pocket freindly. Aroma:   I love this scent, its incredibly natural… Read More

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