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Hirsute Hero – Jackie Lynn Ellison

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The next to feature in the Hirsute Hero gallery is a true gent and a real inspiration to me.  I was made aware of this fine chap and his impressive face furniture from another of our Hirsute Hero’s (Eric J Tischler) website.  I had the pleasure to meet Jackie and briefly chat with him at… Read More

Hirsute Hero – Gary O’Keefe

Here we have Gary, find out more about him here Check out the answers here

Name Gary O’Keefe Who are you? I’m Gary O’Keefe.  Self styled facial hair fanatic.  A product reviewer.  Favorite Color is Green.  Runs the new page Follicle Fortitude Type of Facial Hair? Full Beard Years in Service? 1-5 years Hirsute for Happiness believes that a hair face is a happy face, do you agree? Yes Who inspired you… Read More

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