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Brazil Moustache Wax


Website:     Visit the store to by the Brazil Moustache Wax www.brazils.se/en Price when purchased:    8.00 plus postage Delivery feedback:        Nice communications and very quick delivery Container type/size:   24ml Push fit tin Aroma: The scent here is not overly strong with just a hint of lemon oil.  What you get is  a… Read More

Man Up Moustache Wax and Conditioner


  Website:    Visit Element Botanicals here Price when purchased:  £6.30 plus postage Delivery feedback:    The tin was well protected for its long voyage from Canada and was in perfect condition when it arrived. Container type/size:  Its quite a monster coming in at 60ml which is easily double the size of most waxes! Aroma:     … Read More

Dot and Dash Moustache Wax


Website:  The Etsy store is here Price when purchased:  will add later Delivery feedback:  Lovely communications and speedy delivery that was well packaged Container type/size:  Screw cap tin, 20ml Aroma: This has a lemon scent that is if anything a little light but occasionally you get a lovely waft of fresh clean lemon which is perfect because… Read More

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