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Thunderbeard Beard Oil

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Thunderbeard Beard Oil

Thunderbeard products can be found here thunderbeardproducts.bigcartel.com/

Thunderbeard are a small team who take great care in hand pouring these all natural beard oils in their home state West Virginia, which is somewhere I have never been and being a Brit I have very little actual knowledge about.  However just by looking at the names of the beard oils in the range of which there are 7 currently, I get the distinct feeling that it’s an outdoorsy, rugged kind of place where cowboys, miners and good honest hard workers made a life for themselves way back when. Time travel to present day and of course not all of the beards face the rigours of digging or dusty work in the heat or are battered relentlessly by the elements but that doesn’t mean those face brooms don’t need taking care of.  Step up Thunderbeard with a fantastic range of scents including, Mint Glacier, Cowboy Coffee, Tennessee Orange, Outlaw, Gold Rush and the scent I have Mason Dixon, see what I mean about the names?

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Grapeseed, Almond Oil and essential oils

The glass dropper topped bottle arrived well packaged in a nice little presentation box, nothing too fancy but enough to show they care about the product you are receiving. There was no issue getting a few drops onto the pads of my fingers with oil having a very nice creamy texture and even in your fingers it feels nourishing, its great on the skin.  The oil transfers very nicely to the hairs too which seem to almost drink the oil up, absorption is very good meaning the hairs don’t feel or look greasy at all.

Softness- The Thunderbeard base oils have been mixed very well and so what you get is an instant feeling on your skin of niceness, sounds a bit weird but those of you that have used a decent oil will know what I mean.  The hairs also soften too and feel silky to the touch as you run your fingers through, which you will probably find yourself doing from time to time.  The effect of this oil last a long time as well right down to the tips of the hairs.

Shine- I can’t complain with the nice healthy shine this oil gives my moustache, due to recent sunshine which appears to be on strike today, my moustache has gone rather blonde and with this oil it seemed to really catch the light much like the golden fleece did perhaps.

Scent- So yes my favourite part about getting new products is trying to work out how to describe the scent, I’m glad I was sent this bottle by the way as its Cedarwood, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang make it my kind of oil.  When you get the first drop on your fingers it’s the cedarwood that hits you, this is the smoky cedarwood and so I’m taken to happy memories of campfires, this is supported by the subtle sweet floral notes of the Ylang Ylang and Rosewood.  What you have is an earthy natural scent that is lifted somewhere else by the sweetness and I find the oil to be incredibly relaxing.  My favourite time to wear it is after a day at work as the aroma is very good at relaxing and clearing my head.

There you have it, the Thunderbeard oil is great, I’m quite taken with it and have found myself drawn to it at the end of the day even though I have 30 oils to choose from.  I wouldn’t say its my favourite ever, but currently its very near the top and if you want to try it please do check out the Thunderbeard website and their various social media pages.

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