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TreeBeard- Honey Bourbon Beard Balm

FineFettle Beard Conditioner


Website: Visit the Etsy store here

Price when purchased:  £12.00 plus postage

Delivery feedback: Wonderfully swift arrival and a good communications too

Container type/size:2 oz (60ml) Screw cap metal tin

Ingredients: Bees Wax, Cocoa Butter, Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, Aloe Butter, Tea Tree Oil, Sweet Basil Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Jack Daniels Honey Bourbon


Wowee this is a belter of a scent and delivers exactly what its name claims.  The honey bourbon sits incredibly well with the combo of tea tree, cedar and sweet basil against the base ingredients meaning that you don’t smell like a man dependent on the odd nip here and there.  It’s a delightful aroma under you nose with a sweetness and depth to it giving a very invigorating and uplifting experience and I’m happy to say it has good longevity on it too lasting well into the afternoon.  I guarantee you wont smell another quite like it and it definitely earns my “smell my face” tag


The butter quartet ensure for a very rich creamy texture and oddly reminds me of cottage cheese just before it turns soft as it is slightly stiffened by the addition of the beeswax and its all in perfect balance in my opinion. The balm has a little more resistance than other balms when you extract it but turns very quickly into a lovely greasy oil in your fingers and transfers to your hairs really well.  With fingertips and wide tooth comb you can spread it through well allowing for simple styling.  I would imagine that a beard would fare incredibly well in this balm, it has just enough oomph to feel like you are styling but not in any way heavy or like you are clogging things up.


When it comes to the moustache the balm worked well to keep things neat and tidy going across gravity and I noted some bringing together of the tips.  It’s certainly not going to give a moustache a great deal of super solid hold of course but it’s not designed for that.  The TreeBeard beard balm felt wonderful leaving the hairs feeling very silky and soft, in fact I was aware that I was playing with my moustache quite a lot because it felt so good.  I think there’s just enough wax that would allow a decent calming effect to those of you that have a frizzy beard or need to guide your hairs into shape.  The ingredients have a very nice feel on your skin too and so if dry flaky beard-druff is an issue for you then you might like the effects of the application on your skin.


So this was a pretty good experience for me, there are definite benefits to the hairs leaving them feeling silky and soft  which is certain to please those that like to rub faces with you.  It washes out well too and so there is not danger of pores getting clogged or hairs getting suffocated.  Smells good, feels good, go get some

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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