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Some time ago I received the Urban Beard Organic and Vegan friendly grooming pack, it contains a beard shampoo bar, beard conditioner, beard oil and moustache wax.  I’ve decided to split the beard care pack and review the moustache wax at a later date as the other items all work hand in hand to both clean and care for your facial hair and they do it with aplomb.  Urban Beard hails from Toronto and is very proud to be Canada’s first male grooming line and uses the finest organic and vegan friendly ingredients to create their products for facial hair.  The labelling and packaging are top grade and very strong and its nice to note that all ingredients are listed on each of the product labels.

The Beard Shampoo Bar

This is the second specific wash treatment I have used and straight away its evident this is far superior to a product that is designed for head hair.  The soap is a good size and will certainly last me a good few months so no worries about value for money.  In its use there are no grumbles, it’s not a heavy lather but the presence of lather is not something that is imperative to cleanliness and so of little concern. The soap is very gentle and will not strip your skin or hair of its natural oils, this means your skin and hair are cared for and so less likely to get flaky, dry and itchy. Bonus!  The soft and caring nature of the soap comes from the quality ingredients used, no alcohol or chemicals and it does not leave any nasty residue.  Couple that with the nice subtle clean scent of rosemary and frankincense and you have a great beard soap that smells good and cleans away the evidence of the day before.

Beard Cleansing Conditioner

I’m not aware of another product like this but I’m sure there are others out there, it most certainly has a place in the beard and moustache care routine.  This is a conditioning treatment to be used after a good beard shampoo such as the one up ↑ there ↑ The conditioner is made up of a mix of oils (jojoba, hemp seed, vitamin E) that soften and nourish hair and has the same delightful aroma as the soap, yet it is amplified here and smells wonderfully manly and invigorating.  I advise that you shake the bottle well before use and then use a few drops to run through your facial hair working it down to the skin level, you will feel your skin respond, it’s rather nice.  I tend to leave it in my moustache while I shower and then wash out just before I get out.  I can happily report that if you follow the above two steps you will notice a softer, cleaner and healthier beard or moustache.  You could leave your care routine here if you wish but then “what about the beard oil I hear you ask?”

Urban Beard Oil 

The Urban beard oil is wonderful whether used alone or as part of the above care routine, it comes in a dark amber glass bottle and has a handy dropper dispenser.  The ingredients are all Organic, Grapeseed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jojoba, Essential oils of Lavender and Cedarwood and Vitamin E.  Its a good quality oil, not too thick and a little goes a long way and it lasts too.  I have used this both overnight and in conjunction with the above products in the morning and have been very pleased with the results.  It’s not greasy in any way, absorbs into the hairs quickly and very easy to apply, so on to the details.

Softness – The oil fares incredibly well in this aspect, bare in mind that in using the above care products the oil will have less work to do in terms of hydrating and softening your hairs but if used alone it certainly achieves its function.  The hairs remain soft for a long time after application too.

Shine – I had a lovely shimmer and sparkle with the Urban Beard oil, giving my hairs a healthy vibrant look.  I happened to get a couple of positive responses from people too.

Scent – It would be easy to look at the label for the scent components and be a little dismissive, but just you wait until you get your nose around it.  The lavender and cedarwood are a wonderful combination and well-balanced, the lavender is certainly the leading scent but you get a nice earthly undertone from the cedarwood.  The smell is a clean refreshing one and I find it to be a great invigorating smell, which is odd given the known properties of the oils involved.  I really do like this scent which last well into the day gently lifting you as you face the traffic or the queue for the photocopier.

So in summary I have to say the Urban Beard range is a triumph, we have soft gentle soap that will not strip your hair of its natrural oils, while in turn looking after your skin. A conditioner that does all that you would expect it to and a beard oil that is a very solid competitor to the many others that I have tried.  Hats off to the Urban Beard you have arrived!

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    • Christina says

      Hello there
      Just read your article about the Urban Beard kit and I just wanted to say I now understand more about how the kit is used and was very helpful! I had just purchased the kit for my fiance who is starting to grow out a nice thick beard. I’m certain he will love this product. Thanks for the great review all the way from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

      • hirsuteforhappiness says

        Hey Christina that’s great to hear, I’m sure your husband will enjoy it, so will his beard and then you can enjoy them both 😉

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