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Urban Beard – Moustache Wax

FineFettle Beard Conditioner
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Website: These and the other Urban Beard products can be found here

Price when purchased: £8.00 though I received this in The Urban Beard Man Pack

Delivery feedback:

The whole package came in a tidy, safely packed box and arrived swiftly, I must also note that the communication was excellent from Chris who very generously sent this for me to review, he was very happy to answer questions and a genuine chap indeed.

Container type/size30ml Metal Screw top tin, a nice style tin I thought


This aroma follows very closely the other products in the range which of course makes complete sense as in using the whole setup you don’t want any imbalances.  In the tin its a floral note that hits me first, not too strong, that hints at rosemary and lavender and it’s very pleasant indeed. I have lost the info I must admit so I’m going on what I actually smell rather than the suggestion of ingredients which is probably a good thing.  There is another lingering note that is ever so slightly woody and this could be Cedarwood though it’s not a front runner up your hooter.  The scent is very well balanced as are all the products in the range and I noticed that the wax when wearing under my nose was delicate and a positive experience.  It lasted long enough to remind me I had the wax on but it did not distract me or feel over bearing


This is a delightfully easy wax to apply but I must make note here that on the store you can opt for Vegan friendly Candelilla wax or Canadian Beeswax and I am unsure which I have so my application experience may be different to yours based on that.  The wax has a good feel to and I was able to extract the piece I needed with no need to warm the product, in my fingers it soften remarkably well and was not tacky or sticky.  The fact the wax felt good meant it went into the hairs well and it was very easy to get the product spread through the hairs.  As always I put more in the curls and went light in the centre and was able to get something resembling a well styled moustache without too much fuss.  I did find that using the hairdryer on low setting enabled a better spread of wax and thus the styling came off a bit better, I advise you do the same.  The wax stays soft when you are styling and this meant that I didn’t lose any hairs which is always a bonus.


With reference to the point above in not knowing what type of wax I have you might find your experiences differ to mine, just in case you wonder what I’m on about I thought I should make that point.  The hold for me was not strong enough to keep the hairs at the base of my curls in place, the curls themselves remained the same shape but they began to split up towards the end of the day which began to be a bit of a pain.  Used lightly in the centre I was very impressed and found the wax did a great job of keeping the hairs out of my mouth though when eating I did get the odd rogue flossing attempt!


I think this wax lacks the hold for my moustache and wouldn’t be able to pull off any gravity defying styles and so I didn’t try it, its not where its strength lies, this is better used lightly for a more natural and lightly supporting moustache style, great for a beginner or a bearded chap who needs his moustache better behaved.  The fact that this has nothing but natural organic ingredients should not be overlooked either as the result is its easier to wash out than those containing petroleum, and so your hairs are in much better health, so it might not be the best for style but its leaps ahead when it comes to hair health.

FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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