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Viking Oils – Beard Wash and Balm

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Viking Oils

Its been 6 months since the Viking Oils products were featured on here and what a success that was.  Since then I find myself using the Woods brew oil quite often in my rotation so what I said about it still stands.  In that time Gary has done a number of things, one being follow my advice and grow out his moustache which now looks excellent and also bring out some new product lines and scents.  It would be a bit much to say I inspired this but we all know that a man with a moustache has a certain get up and go, a joie de vivre and other such phrases that I cannot think of and these men dream, these men do things, these men make balms and beard washes.  Which as if by coincidence brings us  to a crowbar introduction to the Viking Oils Beard Balm and Beard Wash which Gary kindly sent me to have a play with. He also sent the lavender moustache wax but I’ve already reviewed the wax (see above link) so I wont go into detail again. The Lavender wax is a delight with a delicate lavender scent which I personally love and is light and not too overpowering or floral.

Beard Balm

Ingredients – Bees Wax, Shea Butter,Coconut Oil,vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, Sandalwood for scent.

viking beard oils balmThe beard balm comes in a reliable 20z push fit tin and when you open it you get the glorious earthy dry wood aroma from the sandalwood, for those that love that essential oil and I know there are many, you will love it.  It’s just the right amount too so that it sits well with the aromas of the other ingredients, which is a slightly sweet and nutty affair top marks when we sniff it for sure.  I have found that no matter when this balm is applied it seems right, the natural smell suits well to leave in over night and equally good first thing in the morning and throughout the day the scent lingers as you go about your bearded day. To wear the balm you need a good thumbnail scoop and then smear this across your finger pads, it goes oily quite quickly but I did notice it felt a bit grainy at first but in the time I was trying to work out what that could be these suspended particles had melted also and so I was not concerned.  The balm is well balanced and not too thin and conversely not too sticky and allowed me with ease to apply the stuff about my beard and then  a quick comb through and boom we are good to go.  The balm certainly helped my flyaway sideburn area adding a little weight to the hairs but still looking and feeling natural.  The general feel and appearance of the balm is one of a natural and soft healthy beard and though there is wax present in the mix it’s not too high so as to look clunky and dull.  I do recommend you try this balm as its well put together with all the relevant ingredients to ensure your beard is soft and healthy.

Beard Wash

Ingredients – Castile Soap peppermint, Aloe Vera Gel, Coconut Glycerin, Tea Tree.

If you are using head hair products on your beard STOP NOW!!! These are far too harsh and chemical laden and serve only to dry out your skin and beard.  What you need is a mild and beard friendly product and the Viking beard wash fits into that perfectly.  I have a rule “if you can’t pronounce the ingredients don’t use it” and if the ingredients list like those above looks like you might find them in Grandma’s pantry then it’s probably a safe bet.  What I am trying to get at is you should be careful and discerning about the products you use on your skin.  Many guys spend time and money on buying oils and balms to condition only then to strip them out using harsh chemical soaps and shampoos daily, might as well throw your money down the drain and dip your beard in caustic soda.

I’m happy to say that the Viking Oils wash is as lovely and caring as you will need using fine natural and mild skin loving ingredients, it’s a winner on paper for sure.  As per the instruction on the website its best used only 2-3 times a week and I totally agree, even a mild soap used too much will begin to dry things out.  The soap needs a good shake prior to use as there is a tiny amount of separation and suspension in the liquid but in its actual beard application there is not an issue at all, you cannot notice it.  This is due to the pump dispenser foaming the soap into your palm so you get a good frothy mixture in your hand ready for instant beard love.  I hope I don’t have to mention your beard needs to be wet first, if I do you really need to go back to school on the whole theory of washing! So wet beard in the shower and a couple of pumps into the palm and you will get a thump of invigorating peppermint, it’s the perfect morning natural pick-me-up.  Its worth experimenting on subsequent uses just how much you need as it lathers up well with ease and I found I was over using at first. The skin feel is a wonderful tingle as you gently wash your beard and moustache and then wash it out under cool running water.  The skin and hair feel is excellent and once dry the smell still lingers which is very pleasing indeed but more crucially your facial hair and skin is in great condition and ready for your regular routine.  If I had to pick one thing I would change it would be the need for a vinyl label as the paper one in the shower does perish rather quickly for obvious reasons but that is me being petty.

I do think that if you use the Viking Oils wash, balm and oil you will begin to feel the benefits of a well thought out beard care line, there are a number of scents to choose from with the new Odin’s Ravens being one that I particularly like the look of. Be sure to check Gary out, he’s a great guy and a supportive member of the bearding community and if you do say I sent you.



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