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Vikings Beard Oil and Moustache Wax

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Gary from Viking beard oils contacted me some time ago and asked if I would be happy to give his products a go, you know me I can’t say no to new face fuzz enhancers and readily accepted his invitation.  The package arrived delightfully well protected and contained the Wood’s Brew scented products in the form of a moustache wax and beard oil.  When I opened the package I was met with a wonderful aroma that was slightly sweet with a hint of fruit and coconut and you will see why as the ingredients are:

Moustache Wax: Bees Wax, Coconut Oil, Vitamin E, Shea Butter and essential oils.

Beard Oil: Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Avocado oil, Vitamin E, Jojoba oil and essential oils for fragrance.

Wood’s Brew Scent is a very interesting one and took me by surprise if I am honest because it’s not what I expected.  When I think of the “Woodsy” scents all have a definite link in the way they smell, a kind of well, woody-ness.  Seems obvious right?  However with the Viking beard oil Wood’s Brew this is not the case.  It’s a very sweet and refreshing summer smell with the coconut offering a nice base note with a lovely fresh lilting citrus element that has me thinking of lemon cake.  The scent lasts a good length of time for both products and made me feel really good, it also was a massive hit with my wife who commented as left for work, “ooh your face smells nice!” So a bit of a hit with the ladies plus I really enjoy wearing it and I’m a man, its dual action and I do believe you will like it and your face sniffing partner will too.  The scent is not manly by any stretch but it’s not overtly feminine either, it’s just blooming nice.

Moustache Wax

Price when purchased: £3.50

Container type/size: 1.oz  metal screw top tin


This is a very easy affair as the wax itself is very pliable and soft, it’s very near to a balm in some ways yet it doesn’t grease up too much and remains just firm enough to work with.  A small plug of wax can be extracted easily and the application to the hair is very easy indeed going on quickly and smoothly.  I was pleased with how easy it was to comb through my moustache to get a good even covering and then I added a little more to the tips to form a very nice curl.  Its wonderful soft consistency means that styling the curl was almost effortless and I noticed zero pulling or damage, but of course I had already shaped my moustache using the hairdryer method so the wax was merely a veneer if you will.  The slight oily feeling quickly goes as the wax firms a little leaving a nice soft to the touch moustache.


Now this is interesting indeed! The wax I received is quite soft, though you can request a firmer blend if that is your thing, but this light to medium hold wax does just enough to keep things in place.  It felt light and non clumpy when styled a bit harder but I was blown away by how adaptable it is.  After eating I often find a waxed moustache is a pain to deal with as the food debris or the movement of mastication means that there is some form of repair work required.  This is one of the main reason that I prefer to be wax free and natural to be honest, this wax however has a trump card.  You CAN re-comb your moustache into shape or even comb out for a more relaxed look too and it holds just enough to keep you happy.


I think this wax is a really interesting one to have in your collection and though it might not suit those of you that prefer a rock hard moustache (for reasons I don’t understand) it will suit those that want a quick and user-friendly wax to keep things tidy rather than “styled”.  Smells great, washes out very well using the methods in my video for wax removal.

Beard Oil

So up there we have covered the scent, its lovely and perfect for summer nights or days when  you need a lift.  The other elements of the beard  oil game are well represented too with a nice thick  and light-coloured oil in a solid blue glass that’s dispense via a rather handy pump top.  One squirt is all I need and yes I’m referring to the oil here, keep your mind out of the gutter please, and the oil is easily applied to the hairs from my fingertips.  It absorbs nicely leaving very little residue on the fingers and a nice silky feel, it will set you back a very reasonable £10/$18

Softness-  The mix of base oils seem to have a great effect on the hairs very quickly leaving my face feeling soft and light.  I felt that the hairs had a lot of flexibility and seemed to lay nicely and this was lasting for most of the day.  The oil works great overnight too with the hairs feeling healthy, silky and soft in the morning.  The benefits of the oils for the hair carry through to the skin as well with a nice feeling of softness and hydration going on.  No quibbles at all the oil will definitely have a positive impact on the wire brush beards out there.

Shine-A pretty decent outing for the Viking Beard Oil, giving off a nice sparkle to my blond moustache making it look healthy and in great condition.  One thing was the appearance of an increase in volume so not only does it improve beard health it increases beard heft!

If you fancy a well made beard or moustache product for a good price then perhaps get yourself over to the website and say I sent you.

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