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Wicked Cookie Duster Wax Remover

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I read about this product on a couple of excellent blogs and was incredibly enthused by the positivity that seemed to come with it.  The folks at Petal Pusher Fancies certainly take things seriously, using only the finest natural organic ingredients to create some lovely diverse and unique products, a look around their website will confirm this.  They seem to really understand the needs of their customers and alongside a wax for your regular moustachioed gent they also cater for vegan and even go as far as soy free vegan “wax”.  With this level of dedication you know that any product they offer, whether it be a lovely shaving soap, the waxes or this oil it is going to be a slick well thought out and lovingly created item.

I have to admit I am not a huge fan of waxing everyday, one reason for this is that the rigours of waxing and more importantly washing the wax out really strips the hair of its natural oil.  Once the hairs start to dry out they will then start to fall out and the moustache begins to thin, not good at all.  So we come to the Wicked Cookie Duster wax remover/conditioner which relies on the wax dissolving qualities of sweet almond oil and sesame oil, as well as some wonderful aromas from Cinnamon oil and Steam River Rum.

I was very sceptical, even though I completely trust and value the opinions of the reviewers I had read, just how could this product remove the wax?  I was incredibly intrigued and couldn’t wait to get it on my moustache as anything that could improve my waxing experience was surely going to be a good thing.

I have the travel size package and its an ingenious little bottle with a wonderful roll-on  applicator which is a huge benefit over other oils I have tried, no chance of using too much, or getting it all over your hands or spilling it.  This means ones better half will not be irked by oils stains and an un-irked spouse makes for a happy world.  Back to the oil itself, the scent is lovely, not a traditional male scent but a warming festive smell that reminds me of Christmas, a real pleasure to have under your nose and a number of people commented positively.  The oil is a great consistency and the roll-on allows for the even and simple application to the hairs you want to show some love, the idea is to leave for around 5 minutes and then simply comb through and the wax is gone, I can attest that this is completely true. You can then wash this out with warm water or leave it in as a conditioner over night where the blend of oils will soften and nourish your hairs, you can also just use this as a conditioner in the regular fashion even if you have not waxed.  So though this might be labelled as a Moustache product I think it would benefit any man with a desire to care for his facial hair.

I have trialled this with a number of waxes just to see how it performs and every time I am left amazed and more confident that this is without doubt one of the best products on the market, its so simple to use and really does what its claims.  To have wonderfully clean facial hair without the need to use shampoo or soap is a great thing, it will also clean your comb of wax in the process too. I suggest that you take a look at the Petal Pusher Fancies site and say hi from me.


FineFettle Beard Conditioner



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